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CISCO SG350X-8PMD - Fan modifications for quieter operation

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Nathan Riddle:

8 POE+ ports (4 POE++ 60W) - 2.5mGig
2 UPlink ports (Copper/SFP+)  - 10mGig
(10 total ports)

Built-in PSU

Data Sheet

Other comparable switches:
Netgear GS710TUP


Main issue is the 41dB(A) noise level.

Replaced the Sunon (EB40201SX-D010-C99) fan with a Noctua NF-A4x20 fan.
Much better.
Lower CFM, but much lower SPL & better curve.

Thermals are only slightly higher (1-4C) at idle, no POE.
I won't regularly use POE with it, just for bench testing devices. Which means there is no long-term issue.

Nathan Riddle:
Fan Modifications

Nathan Riddle:

Note: These are relative, not absolute measurements.

They were done on my phone with the phone's mic using Audio Tools (great app).

Distance is 8"

Goal was not to be absolute in testing methodology, rather quick and dirty to get relative measurements.

Nathan Riddle:
Additional Measurements

Nathan Riddle:
Speed Tests


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