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Long Decay Times on Waterfall Plot but decent RT60


Masis Ingilizian:
Firstly, thanks for everyones reply regarding the hanging baffles. Now, I have something I totally can't get my head around and it will take PA guys to put it in perspective. My knowledge in DIY small room acoustics is just not enough.

The venue which I have mentioned previously in the forum is a large venue about 300m2 with a vaulted ceiling rising to 9m in the middle. Front to back is 17m and left to right its 23m so you get a picture of the venue type. The back wall is glass and with the ceiling there is a gap between the plasterboard and the concrete above so many type of helmontz type absorber if yo can call them that act as random targeted absorbers and overall the RT60 isnt that bad just under 2 sec.

But my waterfall graph still shows long decay times and I can't get my head around why when the RT60 is actually very decent for a room that size.The only thing I can think of is that the overall RT60 is decent but the side walls(possibly front wall) are still bouncing bass waves back into the room causing ringing. Or possibly some noise in measurement?

Or perhaps its normal for long decay times as thats the what happens to bass frequencies in larger halls?

Anyway any feedback would be greatly apprecaited. 

I added the RT60 topt and T30 and a waterfall graph of only the left side.


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