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FS: McCauley 827 speakers and TC Electronic M300


Andy Kulhavy:
I have the following for sale:

2x McCauley 827 Speakers for sale, $500 for the pair.
2x unloaded McCauley 827 speakers, free to a good home.
1x TC Electronic M300, $30.

The 827 speakers were all purchased empty, the two with drivers each have:
   1x 472 horn (fiberglass) with B&C DE750TN driver (90x40 horn)
   2x 6328 10" drivers
   1x 6244 15" driver
They are active 3-way (the high/mid crossovers were removed by a previous owner)
Note the 10" drivers are not sealed back like originally used in these speakers, an chamber for the 10" drivers was added. Will include the drawings if I can find them.
Pictures of the loaded speakers attached.

One of the two unloaded speakers has had the carpet removed, all wiring and hardware is included.

Located in Hamilton, MA 01982.


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