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Different sources playback in the same room from in ceiling speakers

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chris georgiou:
Have a client with a small art gallery who wants to play different music over each art exhibit from in ceiling speakers. It is a very small room; probably 20x30 with six locations(3 each on opposing walls) Considering the size of the room I told him that it probably wont work even with narrow coverage speakers but I figured I check here since I don't do much commercial. Is something like this possible with acceptable results(he understands that there will be bleed through from the neighboring speakers). Some kind of an active noise cancellation system with a mike above each location?

David Sturzenbecher:
Typically sound dome type speakers are used in this application.

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chris georgiou:
Thank you; this should work. Anything like this for in-ceiling?

Lee Douglas:
Not experience with them, but here is another option:

I have used the Soundtube products and they work well.

Brian Jojade:
You are looking to cover roughly a 10' circle with each speaker.  The biggest struggle you'll have is containing the sound, as it can reflect and bleed into each separate area.  Things like floor, ceiling and wall treatments will make a HUGE difference in how effective this will end up being.  If you have very little reflection and can keep the volume to a minimum, it can certainly be done, especially with the products linked.


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