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Completely OT - RC Tank Build

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Bob Stone:
Long story short, I recently picked up a decent sized metal lathe and needed a project to help learn how to use it as I'm not a machinist or even close to it but am a serious DIY/Fabricator (though still nothing to do with my day job). So I have decided to try to build an RC wheeled tank from scratch. I started on the electronics today, since I needed to get an idea of chassis size and space. I've also never done these sort of electronics before and figured while I'm at it, let's add in videography via YouTube to document the entire thing.

So even shorter story short, I've decided to learn machining, electronics, and youtube all at the same time...what could possibly go wrong?

If you want to check it out, the first video of the build is here:

I'll be posting other random garage related stuff and heck, maybe I'll throw some audio equipment in the mix (get it "mix" haha) from time to time. So sub if you're into that sorta thing ;) or don't, I hate plugging for attention.

Ron Bolte:
These videos, while getting old now, were a big help when I was learning how not to get hurt with machine shop tools.

Dave Garoutte:
I AM a machinist.  If you have any questions, PM me.  It's always more fun to solve someone ELSE's problems. :o

Bob Stone:
Wow, that's awesome help guys...

No machinist problems quite yet (haven't done too much yet), but I'll be sure to reach out if I do run into something I can't figure out. I just have an import 12x28 lathe now, will hopefully pick up a bench mill sometime later this year.

Bob Stone:
Just for sh*ts and giggles, here's another video totally off topic but actually might be a useful trick for some here:


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