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Best 14" Laptop for AVL + IT

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Scott Holtzman:

--- Quote from: Nathan Riddle on January 12, 2022, 12:23:28 PM ---Precision 5xxx/7xxx does not have copper NIC (current version(s))

Precision is 15/17" formfactor.

Precision 3xxx is basically the 15/17" version of latitude 5xxx 14" series.

I highly recommend the 14" class of laptops over 15/17" for everything except coding.

--- End quote ---

I have even given up on that since you can daisy chain Display Port.  I have a travel 19" monitor that fits in my backpack and weighs 1 pound.  I have to admit I just carry tons of dongles for the same reason almost every case in our company has a pair of .50 reading glasses in them.  I carry a 2020 13.3" Macbook Pro which I find myself using more and more of.  I am waiting for someone to leave so I can grab one up that has the esc key as a hard key.  I also carry an X1 Carbon Gen 4 I think, it is a beast with dedicated graphics and 32GB of RAM.  I have Fedora Linux on that box and I run VirtualBox so I can boot Windows if I need be.  For lighting and sound we have dedicated laptops of various vintages.  Video I use Dell SFF computers.  They fit in a Pelican and are thermally much more stable than a laptop.  The streaming machine with OBX is a 19" Supermicro. 

Lots of different tools for different jobs.  I was a Thinkpad guy for 25 years.  If I was buying a Windows Laptop Dell would be my choice too.  The XPS's are very nice lightweight machines IMHO, I think as nice as the X1 Carbon and the keyboard is better.

I don't know about you Nathan but I still have a desktop too.  Google Drive and docs, Having our AD in Azure and 1/2 the apps migrated to AWS EC2 I don't install much software anymore but I have two 32" 4k monitors and two ancient 21" 4:3 Samsung 214T's.  These are medical imaging grade monitors.  I find that the 4:3 format is better for shell windows and it is so easy on the eyes.  They are getting hard to find.  I have a stash of about a dozen and I relamped and replaced the inverter caps that go bad in all of them so they should cover me until I am dust.  But anyway I still like to work with the desktop all day, I have a killer keyboard, graphics cards.  64g of memory and it doesn't make any noise.  The laptops stay in the backpack.

Nathan Riddle:

Fix for Broken Audio


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