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Yamaha DM-1000 issue with MY16-AUD


Chris Rettig:
Hey Everyone!

This is my first post!  Unfortunately it comes with a problem.

We have a Yamaha DM1000V2 with 2 MY16-AUD cards.  The card's firmware has been updated, and they show up in Dante Controller.  Unfortunately when I try to stream anything to or from the cards, there is no sound.  The inputs are routed correctly, and the sample rates/word clock are correct, with the DM1000 being Master.  Also, the cards don't show up as dante, they show up as ADAT cards in the console. I'm not a newbie to Dante or Yamaha, which is why this is so perplexing...

When I try to stream tracks from my Mac Mini, they show they are transmitting, but under the cards they do not show up.  Am I just trying to do too much with old technology?  I was hoping I could get this to work for live streaming. Thanks in advance for your help!

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: cjrettig2001 on January 07, 2022, 12:26:48 PM ---Hey Everyone!

This is my first post!  Unfortunately it comes with a problem.

--- End quote ---

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