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Andy Power:
Wondered if anyone can help. I currently use an HK Audio Elements system 2 x E210 subs with 2x 835's on each...its a great rig but sometimes I feel im pushing it a little too hard...Im thinking of replacing the 2 x E210's this 2 x 15" subs on each side..this will give me more bottom end, but not really any more head this is going to cost about 4500 I want to make sure im making the right decision...The benefits are a slightly smaller foot print, less weight, more depth and a 'little' more power.   I have looked at the QSC 212c subs but have been told they would not give the depth or carry the volume to well...The 18" along with the RCF 18" would be too big and heavy I think.
I use the PA to mic up a full band (we don't use backline) Guitar, bass, kit, keys, Sax and five vocals...we play small to medium size venues from 150 - 300 capacity.


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