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Bose Sub1 or RCF 702?

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Richard Penrose:

Iím looking for a pair of very lightweight sub for live bands and am wondering if anyone on here has any experience with the Bose Sub1 and RCF702?

What are your thoughts/experiences with these subs?

Dave Garoutte:
Hard to go wrong with RCF.

Richard Penrose:
Thanks for the reply Dave. Have you heard the Bose Sub1?

Mike Caldwell:
Just looked up the Bose.....get the RCF and now instead of wishing you had the RCF later.

That said what type of band or bands are you working with and what expectations do you have out of a subwoofer?
If you want shaking the ceiling tiles out of the ceiling low end and kick drum hits that feel like a cannon going off you may still need to look at other sub models.

Richard Penrose:
I found this comparison between the 702asII and Sub1

Obviously you canít really tell what speakers sound like from a video clip, it was quite interesting to hear


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