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X/M32 companion programs/apps


Taylor Hall:
Has anyone found any 'killer apps' that work with the X/M32 mixers? I'm not talking about controller software like MixStation or X/M32 Edit, but rather things that add new functionality or interface options.

We've been tinkering with BitFocus Companion which allows you to use Elgato hardware (or a virtual streamdeck console via software emulation) with these mixers (and several other platforms including video equipment) and that got me thinking about what else may be out there. A cursory search online didn't turn up anything apart from Companion that we already knew about along with the various flavors of standard control sfotware that already existed.

Has the hivemind here found anything else worth looking into?

Riley Casey:
If you're doing theatre ...

Dan Richardson:
One man motherload of utilities and info.


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