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Rental microphones in SF Bay Area? (Grand Piano)

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Michael Storey:

--- Quote from: Sam Costa on November 28, 2021, 12:05:15 PM ---Hey everyone,
There is an artist performing inside a church in San Jose with a grand piano and his rider is requesting the following:

2-Neumann KM184 mics with clips and 2 big boom stands.

2- DPA 4099 mics with clips

Does anyone have these for rental in the area?


--- End quote ---

Have you tried Raul over at Third Ear?

If not, I do see them available as rental items on

Nils Erickson:

I have both options and am located in San Francisco... I'm easy to reach at 415-216-5809.

Thanks, Nils

thanks Nils
these are the usual suspects and glad you stepped up...surprised at the difficulty
its not like youre looking for a SF24V or Schoeps

Mal Brown:
Audix lollipops have been my go to for grand piano.  The guy I used to rent from passed though..

Scott Helmke:
Sounds like there's a local option, but I'll mention that we do ship 4099 rentals out on a pretty regular basis.


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