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Backing Track System

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John L Nobile:

--- Quote from: Bob Charest on November 30, 2021, 03:15:00 PM ---Can’t argue about the interface, for sure! :-) Having to program it through the serial interface was a pain!

Agreed as well about updates… When I first got it, the form-factor was just what was needed. Fokko van Duin was super helpful to me when I was first creating profiles, but since his passing some years ago things changed.

Ours was a particular case where we only needed 10 scenes, triggered from a modified FCB1010, so once it was set up, I never had to touch it again.

Still using the same scenes, so for a static user like me it works.

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I just googled Lanbox and it's still for sale though it doesn't look like anything has changed. But for the price, it's a powerful controller. We were using it to control 80 conventional and a couple of dozen LED's as well as 4 movers. One guy programmed 880 scenes for a show. I had him trigger cues while I ran the show and recorded them as midi events. Then I assigned tose to different cues and fine tuned the placement. Took at least a full day.

John Sulek:

--- Quote from: Andrew Broughton on November 28, 2021, 10:51:35 AM ---How has your experience been with the PlayAudio12? I'm considering switching from a Radial SW8 and RME interface to a single PlayAudio12, but concerned about the quality.

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So far so good. We have had it out since July and it has bounced around in a truck quite a bit in the last few months.

We used to have a custom Cox Audio switcher in this role. Way back when that was one of the only quality options. That thing is built like a tank and puts out about +8. Lots of miles without any hiccups.
The playback person wanted some of the features that the PlayAudio12 offers for routing, etc.
The keyboard tech is also using some iConnectivity boxes in that rig with great success.

Magnus Högkvist:

--- Quote from: Andrew Watts on November 28, 2021, 01:00:51 AM ---I am working with a band to get a new backing track system up that needs to be able to provide multi output audio, and also midi out for patch changes / lighting etc. Is there anyone in this forum with experience who would be happy to have a chat about it.

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I'm using Cubase as DAW and arranging the Backing Tracks with the "Arranger Track". As sound card I have a RME MADI FX. Gives me 192 channels... and MIDI out. Been using this system for seven years.


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