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Backing Track System

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Andrew Watts:
I am working with a band to get a new backing track system up that needs to be able to provide multi output audio, and also midi out for patch changes / lighting etc. Is there anyone in this forum with experience who would be happy to have a chat about it.

Andrew Broughton:
QLab or LiveTracker

John Sulek:
Digital Performer can do this as well.
We use an iConnectivity Playaudio12 to interface with the audio system and to send midi to the keyboard rig. For this next run it is also sending timecode to the video server.

Andrew Broughton:
How has your experience been with the PlayAudio12? I'm considering switching from a Radial SW8 and RME interface to a single PlayAudio12, but concerned about the quality.

Jared Bartimus:
I don't have much experience with it but the cymatic utrack24 and lp-16 can both play back a midi file along with the tracks if you want a hardware solution.  Looks like you can link up to four of the utracks so you could play back up to four MIDI files to various devices if you couldn't just use one file with different channels.


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