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FS: Speaker Covers


Brian Bolly:
A couple pairs of covers I've had sitting in my shop and they are no longer needed. 

You pay shipping.  Make me an offer!

Pair #1
- Under Cover FS/W series
- Has the water-resistant scrim for the face, and a flap to flip over it to cover the face
- Has a couple straps to go under the wedges as well
- Has a single handle cutout/flap on the left side
- For a stage monitor of unknown mfg/model - Turbosound? db Tech? Not sure.
- Seriously.  I don't know how these ended up in my shop.
- Dims: About 23" wide, 12" deep and 11" high at the peak.  Not sure how to best/accurately measure it - see photo link below for details

Pair #2
- "Moving Blanket" style
- Originally sized to fit a Meyer Sound UPQ-1P (or UPQ-D1/D2/D3)
- Top panel is ~18" wide at front, ~9" wide at rear, and about 18.5" deep
- Overall height is ~28"
- Fair condition.  Some snags and pulls, mostly on the top.  But, better than nothing!


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