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Hazer set off nightclub fire alarm

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Douglas Cyr:

I was surprised that a water based hazer set off a nightclubs fire alarm. Are there are any tips or tricks to mitigate this?

I've heard of taping over the sensors on the alarms but this is definitely illegal.


Rick Powell:
At the one place we play where they have a sprinkler system, we open the windows for better ventilation (even when the AC is on) and try to use the lowest effective setting.

Weíve never set it off.

Brian Jojade:
The type of sensors will determine if the hazer will trip them or not, and at what density. There really isnít much that can be done if the venue has sensors that a haze machine sets off. There is no magical haze machine that solves the problem. The mere thought of physically disabling the sensors should get one banned from the industry permanently.


--- Quote from: Brian Jojade on October 16, 2021, 10:34:52 PM ---The mere thought of physically disabling the sensors should get one banned from the industry permanently.

--- End quote ---


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Kevin Maxwell:
I was doing some consulting with church that would have visiting musical groups come in. They told them that they couldnít use haze because it would set off the smoke detectors. But some of them tried it and they would get away with it for a little while and then the detectors would go off and it was tied into the alarm system and would call out the fire department.

The church wanted to be able to use haze even for there own use so they had the alarm company changed out the detectors to ones that arenít affected by haze. I think they are called heat rise detectors.

So we got a radiance hazer and ran a test. This room can seat about 2000. They set the alarm system into bypass or test mode and we hazed the room. Actually it would probably be more accurately put to say we seriously over hazed the room. I got it to the point where you could barely see someone 10feet away during the test. We really got carried away. We ran it for at least an hour if not two and it didnít set anything off until after about two hours it worked its way to a back hallway that had a forgotten smoke detector in it. 


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