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ACL or Pinspot options for outdoor use

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Rob Smith2:
I'm interesting in putting some bright spot/ACL type lights on my roof for a Christmas show but struggling to find many options. I could do classic ACLs in Par64s, but I'd really want individual control so wiring them in pairs of 4 doesn't work. Has anyone made a LED equivalent, or a 120V Par64 bulb with a tight enough focus to make a beam in outdoor air? I've looked at VNSP Par64 bulbs but they don't seem narrow enough to make a good beam. I also need to worry about waterproofing since this will be outside. Not a huge concern for traditional fixtures since they are simple, but a modern LED with electronics would be more difficult.

Here is the look I'd like to achieve. He is using moving heads which is awesome but out of my budget for now, but is there any way to get a similar beam without moving heads?

Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: Sinorm on October 05, 2021, 06:55:41 PM ---I'm interesting in putting some bright spot/ACL type lights on my roof

--- End quote ---

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Jeff Lelko:
Hi Rob, the short answer to this question is "maybe" but the longer answer is really "no".  By definition (optics related) a Par won't create pencil-thin beams of light with a hard edge.  Some of the newer LED varieties bend this rule a bit, but I'd infer that nothing in your budget will replicate this look.  Pars and similar work fine for blinders but not as a cheap beam. 

The smallest LED "beam" that I've seen to work okay in an open-air environment is something like the Elation Dartz.  I'm still partial to discharge - 5R is okay but things really start looking impressive around the 14R range.  LED equivalents are available too but still very pricey.  I think Sharpy knockoffs which is likely what you're seeing in that picture are around the $500 mark, though unless you're willing to spend in the range of $1,000/unit or more I'd suggest pursuing a different effect all together.  Good luck! 

Dave Garoutte:

To get aerial type beam visibility takes some intensity or lots of moisture in the air.  That picture would have been taken under very specific atmospheric conditions to get that effect.  Maybe they have that moisture level in the air regularly, it isn't where I live.

If moving heads will do it, lasers will definitely get it done.


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