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Downsizing - ideas for new smaller system

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Chrysander 'C.R.' Young:
So, long story short, my days of doing sound on a large scale are coming to an end.  While I have had some fun running sound for everything from local bands to Bands You Have Heard Of, my heart is not in it any more and I am selling off a large portion of my sound gear.  Most of my PRX gear (tops and subs) is going to a new home this weekend, with a lot of mics, the second X32, and related gear to follow soon.  My plan is to downsize to a smaller system that I can use for shows for bands I am in or the odd dance-related DJ gig.  The PRX gear did a yeoman's job for me for years, but, honestly, lugging around 100lb subs is not something I want to do much of anymore.  My plan is to keep the X32 rack for my mixing needs and keep 4 12" PRX speakers for monitors.  Most of my anticipated PA needs going forward will be with Jazz and Swing bands where quality trumps volume and ballroom dance events where I am DJing.  Light weight and great sound quality are my top priorities.  Most certainly want the new system to sound significantly better than the 7 series PRX stuff.  I am in no rush, so I am doing my due diligence now so I can buy once and cry once.  So, what are some systems you might recommend to suit my needs? Budget ~$3k, maybe more.  I am in FL.  Self-powered preferred, but I know some of the big-boy boxes require you use their amps.  I wish I was in the Danley budget range, but that is likely out of my reach.  Used is fine. 

Some systems I am going to be checking out when I can:
- RCF Evox 12
- Found an decent deal on a Next PS10/L550 rig complete here in FL I may check out.  Would be turnkey rig with high sound quality.  Just not sure I want to haul around the Gen1 PS10 power amp.


Mal Brown:
around 3k is going to be a tall order IMO.

As far as tops go, Db Tech IGt-3's will suck up most of your budget and for dj, you'd want subs...

I just sprang for Yamaha DZr -315's - again, going to devour your budget and 90lbs a box...

I have Yam DSR-112's and over QSC powered 18's they sound good.  Used and not thrashed those will probably eat $1500 a side...

The DZR-12's are supposedly marginally better.  Scot Holtzman might have some insight there.

I personally can't see running without subs when you say DJ... Your Mileage May Vary...

Robert Healey:
It looks like you can get a used pair of Meyer UPJ's for ~$4k.

If you are just DJing ballroom dance you may not need a sub - but you might miss it for the swing bands.

Nate Zifra:
Maybe dBTech ES 1203? Definitely lightweight, and give you several options as far as setup.  You could always add another set for more power if you decided you needed more.

Robert Piascik:
I am very close to being in your situation and my thought is: Buy the Danley TH118 subs (I have 12), they’re not that hard to move around with wheels and handles and tilting. I think I will keep them until I die along with my Fulcrum fa22ac. It’s a *killer* system in a relatively small package. Once you get used to them you won’t want to compromise for size reasons.


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