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How to separate a set of lights on Rockforce W4 dmx controller


Hi, I have a Rockforce W4 384 channel wireless dmx lighting controller. Is there a way to have my set of lights on the controller and have a separate set of lights (that belongs to another contractor who wants to connect to our controller with his lights?) Is there a way to separate them? Will the contractor be able to control his set of lights from my controller? Or, will I be responsible for his lights control? I have two outputs plus a midi connection on the back of my controller, what is the best way of connecting someone else’s lights to my system?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Tim Weaver:
Had to go look at that controller to see what was up.

You don't actually have 2 outputs. What you have is a cheap chinese controller that split one dmx universe into a male and a female xlr. Why? I don't know. There's no reason to need that that I can come up with.

Secondly, you can have your lights at one set of addresses, say 1 through 100 and the other guys lights addressed to 101 to 200. Or whatever works best. Yes, all lights will be controlled by this controller. Doesn't mean you have to turn them all on at the same time.


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