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Rackmount supercapacitor?

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--- Quote from: Jeff Lelko on September 22, 2021, 10:14:22 PM ---I'm not sure that I'd consider an online double-conversion UPS to be exotic.  Excessive perhaps, but within the context of this thread it's the best thing I can think of that truly "fixes" bad power or momentary drop-outs without any downstream artifacts.  Line-interactive UPS models can't say that, and when running no less than $30k+ of gear at FOH I'm happy to spend an extra $1k on an UPS knowing that what's downstream has good clean power.

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In your case, with $30K up front I'd opt for the more high end solution.  For a $3K X32 with a couple of iT8K's and console only issues the $500 APC solution may work fine.  Testing will easily confirm that.


Tim McCulloch:
These situations call for a generator, not some battery device.

You'll spend most of your time on battery and then, when it finally reaches about 11.x volts, the inverter will shut down.

^ You're probably right Tim.

Chris Hindle:
UPS are fine for occasional protection. Plug gets kicked out, full on power failure etc.
Save your work, and shut down, or chastise the "helper" that plugged in a kettle in place of you FOH power.
For lights that dim on every hit of the kick, you are out of power. As Tim mentioned, The UPS won't last very long.
WRONG tool for this particular application.
You need more 'lecky.....


Robert Lunceford:

--- Quote from: Tracy Garner on September 22, 2021, 02:53:21 PM ---Hi,

I did a small gig the other day with an X32 and a couple iTech8000. The available power was just under what I needed to run 120V. A couple times, the X32 rebooted while the iTech amps stayed on no problem. For situations like this, I would love to have a power conditioner type rack that will provide a second or two if 120v power were to dip (bass drum caused the dip I'm sure).

Does any rack power conditioner comes to mind that has a built-in capacitor they are not advertising?

--- End quote ---

One of my summer concert series had to move locations due to covid. It took a few weeks to get the AC power sorted out. To make a long story short - for the first three shows we powered the mains and front line (4) active monitors from a single 20 amp circuit with a 50 foot 12 gauge  cable. We then ran another 100 feet from that same circuit to FOH - 150 feet total.
FOH was a QU24, MAXXBCL, Tascam USB/SD media player which were plugged into a Furman M-8X AR 15A Voltage Regulator.
The input meter on the Furman was showing as low as 105VAC input voltage. Never had a problem with any of the FOH gear. The Furman was able to maintain a stable 120VAC to power the FOH equipment.


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