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low profile, nice looking wall mount PA speakers

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Robert Healey:

--- Quote from: boburtz on September 15, 2021, 05:55:23 PM ---I know the speakers in the link are inadequate, I just wanted to demonstrate an example of the form factor I am looking for. I have absolutely no interest in or intention of using them for this project.
These will be attached to the wall/ceiling junction, about a 24" space above the door on one side, so that dictates the size.
He has all of the gear in the room, and it's his band. They are a rock band.
He has a pair of EV ETX12p, which suit the audio requirement, he just doesn't like they way they look on a wall bracket. This is really a "spare no expense" type of situation, thus my interest in the Danley stuff.

I would like to go powered to keep the equipment space requirements down (no need for an amplifier/ processor).
If we decide to go passive, I will probably end up with some kind of mountable wedge (something like EAW microwedge), hanging on the wall.
I am not in the install market, we do live production events, so I really don't know what's available in this market space. What are people using that sound great and look nice?

--- End quote ---

Fulcrum CCX is very compact and doesn't look like a traditional speaker. You could also do a Meyer X40 or d&B 12S-D without handles and with a custom color matching the wall finish.

Anyone know if EAW still does the wood finish on the MK boxes? I always though that looked nice.

Alternately - you could go in the column speaker direction. The Renkus ICLive X, Meyer CAL, and L'Acoustics Syva all should have enough oompf for this type of install.

Dave Garoutte:
How big is the room?
A decent floor monitor fits your form factor.
Danley FLX 12 could be good.

Matthias McCready:
Perhaps look at something that would technically be in the front fill category?

A pair of UP4-Slims with some appropriate subbage for the clients needs might fit the bill? They make a nice clean setup, but have a lot of output.

I have used just those in a 40x60ft venue, and they provided 92dBA with headroom to spare.

Comparable brands would have offerings in this vein as well.

Scott Carneval:
Based on the form factor you're looking for, I would look at the Danley SM100 (or SM100 Cinema, which has a downward angle built in) or the Danley Go28CX. The Go2 will come with a bracket very similar to the speaker in your link. There is a similar bracket available for the SM100, but it must be purchased separately. The part number is BRKT-M100. The Go2 has output similar to a QSC K12, Yamaha DSR, etc. The SM100 is closer in output to a SRX812P or similar.

Another great option is the SM60F, but it doesn't really fit the form factor you're looking for.

Peter Kowalczyk:
Meyer Sound's 'HMS' Cinema Surround speakers have a similar form factor to your example.


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