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EV SxA250 to SX250 Conversion - End of Life Solution

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Darren Brister:
Hey all,

Long time listener, first time caller. Glad to be here.

I own 14 EV SxA250 and they are end of life.  I figured instead of spending gobs of money on new monitors, or repairing amp modules, I would convert them to passive and then to bi-amp.

I just finished the prototype and of course it does not sound the same as the OEM Sx250 crossover.  EV lists their xover point as Butterworth 18db/octave at 1.6k.  Eminence lists theirs as Butterworth 12db/octave lo-pass with Butterworth 18db/octave hi-pass.

I want to modify the Eminence PXB2 1K6 to get rid of any non-OEM phasing issues and make it sound EV OEM.  What do I need to do to accomplish this?  The xovers look entirely different from each other.

Am I better off just bi-amping them?

Thank you.

Paul G. OBrien:

--- Quote from: Darren Brister on September 09, 2021, 06:09:12 PM ---Am I better off just bi-amping them?
--- End quote ---

Yes... at least to figure out what additional mods are needed to make the speakers sound decent.

I used the PxB-1k6 in a 12+1 project but I had to add an L pad with constant directivity EQ on the compression driver and a zobel on the woofer.
The exact component values used for this are very much dependant on the drivers in question so no point listing what I used, and I have a test system to measure the actual speaker response too which is something that isn't really optional if you want good results, this will help with developing a DSP preset as well which will take the speakers to the next level.

I just found a picture of an SX250 crossover and it doesn't look like there is much to it besides the basic crossover and an L-pad to balance the drivers. If that is the case it won't sound exactly like the active version without additional EQ.

Riley Casey:
Do you still have any working amp modules? If so connect a set of leads to the speaker driver terminals and measure with Smaart or REW or your measurement platform of choice to get the factory curves. Then use your DSP to match those curves. If you really want to use the boxes with passive crossovers you'll then have a starting place to start designing the passive networks.

Darren Brister:
So I gather that turning a 12db/oct Butterworth on the woofer into 18db/oct Butterworth is not as simple as swapping components on the Eminence xover?

I really would like the option of a passive monitor.  I'm moving and don't have a workshop set up yet, so the easiest route would be to duplicate the Sx250 crossover.  On that note, the only Sx250 (or xover) I can find is on GC at $747.  I'd rather eat a Tide pod than pay $750 for a passive crossover network from 2011.  I will look into recreating this.

Yes, I do still have 14 amp modules.  I may start another thread on a DIY repair of those.  They all seem to have the same problem.

My research tells me that the SxA250 and Sx250 are almost identical in terms of phase and eq. 

Riley Casey:
So these boxes already have passive crossovers?


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