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EV ZLX15p and JBL VRX 918sp Crossover Set Point

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Ken Weaver:
Hello Everyone,

I am looking for a bit of advice regarding crossover set points. We operate a small bar and have a DJ two nights a week. Historically, he has run 2 zlx15p's full range and filled in the low end with a borrowed Mackie 12" sub. This setup actually sounded pretty good but we were frequently hitting the limit on the tops.

Last weekend the Mackie sub woofer was needed else where so I quickly ran to GC and picked up a EV ELX200-18p. I set it up using the ZLX-15p top crossover settings and set the zlx15ps sub settings to Elx200-18sp thinking it would sound great. Unfortunately, the EV sub just really couldn't keep up. The tops were not hitting their limits any more but the 80-100hz punch just felt absent. We don't have room for two subs so I went back and ordered the only higher output sub I could find in stock which happened to be the VRX918sp.

The only crossover settings in the VRX are 80 and 120hz. They don't recommend using the 120hz unless you have an active crossover which we don't at the moment. Unfortunately, the ZLX15p's really start to drop off around 90hz. So I guess the question is do I buy an active crossover and cross them at 100hz and use the 120hz setting in the sub or should I just use the built in DSP and set the tops to HP at 80hz and try to boost the low end on the tops using the built in low eq?  I am not opposed to using an active crossover but I do prefer to keep things as simple as possible in this environment.

I appreciate any feedback you might have.

Paul G. OBrien:
Use 80hz on the tops but don't bother boosting the lowend them, it won't do much and may just put them back into limiting.

Ken Weaver:

--- Quote from: Paul G. OBrien on September 02, 2021, 08:36:54 AM ---Use 80hz on the tops but don't bother boosting the lowend them, it won't do much and may just put them back into limiting.

--- End quote ---

Thank you Paul. We'll try that. Hopefully the one VRX will keep up with the two tops.

Paul G. OBrien:
It's odd that an 18" sub didn't produce as much punch as a 12", did you put it in the exact same position in the room?

Chris Grimshaw:
Sounds like the 15" tops were running wide open in the first situation, and then running highpassed in the 2nd situation. In that case, it should be no surprise that the 15"s had more headroom with the 18" sub added.

Now that the VRX sub is in play, I think I'd try the crossover settings both ways on the sub, and go with whatever sounds best. There are only a few switch combinations to try out, and I expect decent results with at least one combination.



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