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We saw this in a ballroom this weekend and... have questions.

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Jeff Bankston:
with the exception of the illegal plug setup its no different from the power lugs on a generator. Connect your cam lock pigtails to the lugs. The plugs need to be on a separate breaker panel.

The ground wire looks continous. We were required to have a one piece ground wire in those situations. It looks as if that is the case there. Strip some insulation off and lug it and keep it going.

Jeff Bankston:

--- Quote from: Geoff Doane on August 31, 2021, 05:43:10 PM ---This is the kind of crap I'm used to seeing in hockey rinks, not ball rooms, although as other have pointed out, it looks like an attempt to do it right was made initially.
I haven't had to tie in tails in years (it's been range plugs or installed cams lately), but I think the last time was about 10 years ago when I ran into something similar.  The twist-locs were L14-30s, although I didn't use them.  Even my 2 ga. feeder tails were somewhat marginal if that line really was backed up with a 200A breaker.


--- End quote ---
omg ! thats awful !


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