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Powersoft Sys Control App?


Peter Kowalczyk:
Hey Comrades,

I'm designing a small budget bar/retal installation, and considering using a Powersoft Mezzo 604A to power four zones of 70V speakers.  I'd love to give the clients' control over level and source selection from a mobile device.  I've done similar 'custom control apps' using Ashly and Harman Products. 

Has anyone done something similar with Powersoft Sys Control ?  The App's 'marketing lit' seem to illustrate this  workflow, but Id love to hear from any real users!  Thanks!

Peter Kowalczyk:
Well, looks like no one else has crossed this bridge, so I thought I'd share what I've learned:

I did use a Mezzo 604A, and its an awesome little amp for jobs like this.

However, I don't find Armonia Plus control software to be very intuitive.  It looks really slick, but it feels to me like the GUI is more slick than functional.  Maybe its better suited to other applications.

Regarding the Sys Control App, we DID get it to work, it it was great.  Source Selection and Level control for each of the four zones in a pre-programmed layout.  However, after I packed up and left, clients complained that it crashed and wouldn't connect.  I then learned that you need to have a host PC on the network to bridge between the amp and the remote control client.  The app can't talk directly to the amp.

So, rather than set up a new PC just for this task, we decided to use the WM Touch module instead, which basically gives the same controls in a dedicated ~3" x 5" touch screen.  It mounts to a standard electrical box, and connects with a single Cat 5 cable.  Caveat, it needs POE, so thats another module to buy.   Nonetheless, it appears to be a pretty good solution.

... I Hope this helps someone avoid some of my mistakes and oversights...


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