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Rcf nx45a vs rcf 915a


William Thorsell:
Iím looking at picking up new mains to match 4 rcf 8004a subs. Ive been looking at the rcf nx45a tops but Iím wondering if anyone has any experience with the new nx9 series. They seem to be marketing them as the new flagship of the nx line but theyíre also several hundred dollars cheaper than the nx45a tops. Iím leaning towards the tried and true 45a but the nx915a seems to be one hell of a speaker via spec sheet. Any insight would be appreciated.

Mike Pyle:
The NX915A has a 1" exit horn, 1.75" HF diaphragm and 1600 Hz crossover, compared to the NX45A with it's 1.4" horn throat, 4" HF diaphragm and 650 Hz crossover. This will mean very different performance characteristics.

Chris Grimshaw:
When in doubt, I'd always take the larger-format compression driver. More clean output, and (subject to the HF horn) pattern control over a wider range.

In this case, I wouldn't want a 15" running up to 1.6kHz. Most 15"s are pretty raggy up there, and even the ones that are okay up there still exhibit very narrow dispersion.
When the HF driver comes in, the dispersion will be wide, so the audience that's listening off axis (helpful hint: there's exactly one position where you're on axis with both speakers. Everybody else is off-axis to some extent) will get a frequency response with a suckout in the midrange.



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