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Another Placement Question

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Ivan Beaver:

--- Quote from: Mal Brown on August 25, 2021, 10:21:49 AM ---In my neck of the woods I get many new grass bands.  Rock 'n Roll with traditional bluegrass instruments often plus drum kit...  loud, lot's of upright bass and kick.   The sub wash on stage is just not workable.  I was hoping for that maybe 3 setup as cardiod would solve that but...  the stage enclosing part seems to have scotched that thought...  so I'll be back to 2 per side for the most part.

I have 2 venues where I stack 3 KW-181 to one side.  In one case it preserves access to a serving station and I'm there to sell beer so...  In the other it defeats a strange resonance anomaly.  Funny but I work that place 1 or 2 times a season but I attend quite a few shows there.  I'm the only guy that appears to have thought of that.  All the other folks lock step on subs to the sides...

--- End quote ---
I did a show a few years ago, that was a wide variety of acts, from traditional bluegrass to progressive jazz/rock etc.

I did a setup using 6 subs (not for output, but for cancellation).  2 on each side in cardioid, and 2 in cardioid out in front of the stage.

It took 4 DSP channels (2 for sides, and 2 for center), and with a bit of playing in the models, it appeared as if I would get good sub cancellation on stage.

I did my model from the size of the stage from the previous year, and it when setup it did not work as well as I wanted.  Then I realized that the stage was a different size this year, so I went back to the model and readjusted my timing.

With a little tweaking/measuring on site, it was amazing.  When you walked on stage, it felt as if the subs were not even on, just the low end from the mains.

It can be done, but you have to have enough physical room (I had plenty in front of the stage for that cardioid setup to work), and enough DSP and knowledge of measurement and setup.

General ideas often don't work as well as a properly done setup.


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