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Interesting B&C Single 21 with Dual 18 IB sub

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Douglas R. Allen:

Douglas R. Allen

Caleb Dueck:

--- Quote from: Douglas R. Allen on August 06, 2021, 08:22:14 PM ---

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If one of the driving forces of DIY is SPL per dollar - once you add up the hefty driver cost and amplifier cost - how does that skew the equation? 

Otherwise - looks impressive, and small.

Helge A Bentsen:
Amp cost shouldn't be that bad, you can run it as one/two or three channels.
I suspect this sub has a fair chance of reaching it's stated SPL and still sound good. That alone would offset the driver cost for me.
Add inn the 215-DCX they released a day earlier, and you can build a pretty serious PA.

Chris Grimshaw:
Interesting cabinet design - not a typical approach, that's for sure.

My gut reaction is that the 21" cone in a small enclosed space will have trouble getting rid of heat from the motor. There's also the mis-match in cone areas between the 2x18" vs 1x21". I suspect that it could lower distortion to a point (the 2x18"s pushing the 21" cone a bit further when the 21" cone itself is starting to get non-linear - perhaps), but the overall limiting factor will still be how much air the 21" cone can move.

Since B&C (who make excellent drivers) have published this design, I'd certainly be interested to try it out.


Tim McCulloch:
Maybe we could get Bennett Prescott to explain it?


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