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Tom microphones

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Tim Weaver:
As far as clips and clamps go you simply can not beat the LP Claw. Once tightened it stays put all night. Can survive stick hits too, since basically thats what it was designed for. Its drum hardware repurposed as a mic holder.

The thing I like best about the claw is that it can be attached to cymbal stands ot tom mounts instead of just purely being a rim mount. I greatly prefer not mounting my mics to drum shells.

Scott Bolt:

--- Quote from: Richard Penrose on July 26, 2021, 04:14:25 PM ---We did a drum mic shootout a while back and had around 7-8 tom mics that we tried. The venue we used had an EV X1 line array system installed. The drum mics we compared were :-

Audix D2/D4
Sennheiser E604
Shure PGA 56

plus a condenser (possibly the Beyer TG-D57c) and another dynamic from another brand.

All the engineers and drummers present chose the e604's and their clear favorites of the bunch. However, when it came to floor tom the Audix D6 kick drum mic was everyone's favorite! I've since compared the e604 to the e904 and still preferred the e604.

--- End quote ---
Richard, had I been in Europe for a beer and a visit, I would have completely agreed with this assessment ;)

e604 on toms, D6 on kick.  Of course, the MD421 may be a better choice for the kick for blues.  I do mostly rock.

As for the durability on the e604, mine have been rock solid for a very long time (I am guessing around 10 years).


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