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Tom microphones

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Will Knight:
Primarily use this the Audix D-Series here. Also frequently use 604ís and the ole standby 57ís.
Iíve managed to figured out a nice tight & crisp sound from the D4ís for the soft rock/jazz/R&B categories I suggest usually work in.

Ed Taylor:

--- Quote from: Alec Spence on July 27, 2021, 06:22:14 PM ---It's e604 for me - for all the same reasons.

Connectors?  Right angled XLRs are your friend here...

--- End quote ---

ding ding !!

yep...e604s have been my choice for the toms. My rig is marketed to semi-pro private events, so not as "demanding" as some national acts can be. But never a complaint and I get all I want on the toms...even at times when the board might be limited or for whatever reason I want to place a single e604 between the two rack toms.  Again, I'm not a pro audio provider, but these work for me.
I have the Audix for kick, but other options as well...I don't always love/like the audix.

good ol sm57 for snare/hat and I have several options in condensors for overhead brass..including Sennheiser and Shure..but my secret when no one is looking is I have a pair of Peavey condensors that I actually really like.

Jeremy Young:
I'm really happy with the PR28's in my Heil drum mic kit, and don't think anyone has mentioned those yet.  I've had good success with all the standard E604/Audix d-series/Shure Beta56a type but got rid of them all ages ago so I haven't had a chance to compare in the same setting. 

The Beta56's I used had a lot of road time on them before I got my hands on them granted, but the swivel joint/A56D clamp combination always seemed to wobble loose with a heavy-handed drummer.  Tighten by hand, tighten some more, wrap with e-tape, retighten after 3 songs.

Regarding clips for rim mount, I have yet to find a universal style but the Heil ones are different than the Shure/Senny style, so it gives me more choices before having to settle for a clamp on the hardware or tripod.  I have a cheap Shure PG-series mic kit collecting dust that I only ever open to use the clips when needed.  The K&M 240/5 is pretty good for mounting to the drum hardware.

Gary Greyhosky:
Heil PR28s in use here. I swapped out the mounts that come with them for these small Audix mounts.

The supplied mounts are great in theory, but I found them cumbersome and they don't grip well on all rims. The mics themselves have been great. They've been smacked by errant sticks several times and have held up well. Occasionally, I have to tighten the screws that hold the mic to the thread adapter, but no big deal. I also use the Heil HMP+. It's very small and easy to tuck into tight spots. PR40 in kick drums has worked well for me also. Have also used Audio Technica AE3000s on toms & overheads, and they do quite well also.

Dave Bednarski:
Lots of love for the Heil PR28s here.  I've found that I do have to seasonally check the set screw.  I no longer use them in the clip format but will use them in a weekend street festivals on short stands.  They mount well, secure, easy to aim and easy to see from a distance if they've been aimed between quick change overs.  More than once has a 604 (or other) been clipped on and never revisited in the hurry scurry.

My 604s see a lot of action, toms, snare, high crime clubs, drunk drummers, whatever, they'll take the abuse.  The cost point and the ease to deploy make them a no brainer. 

My all around favorite is the DPA 4099 but the drummer, kit, style of music, need to make sense, otherwise 604s.  I have 4 of these and can see myself ordering more.  I was first sold/turned on by them from the NAMM Yamaha stages extensive use on percussion. 


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