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Speaker fell from Gym overhead

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Brian Jojade:

--- Quote from: Joseph D. Macry on July 23, 2021, 04:33:10 PM ---The only problem I have wqith the 70V transformer is that it is connected to the 70V output of the amp that is ALSO already outputting via 4ohm.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, that's going to come down then to the amp and what kind of load it can tolerate.  Some amps are rated to be able to drive a combination of both loads.  A little more math is needed to know if it's ok.  If there's 4 ohms on the main load though, it's likely that the transformer load would drop the amp below accepted levels.

Caleb Dueck:

--- Quote from: Mike Caldwell on July 23, 2021, 12:20:30 PM ---Or they say "it's been hanging up there all this time and hasn't fallen"

--- End quote ---


Had one install where the tech brushed against the old speaker - and it fell (into his arm thankfully).  Over time that S hook had slowly expanded until it was balancing on a breath. 

duane massey:
Texas (like many other states) is full of installs like this. I have walked away from a couple over the years where the original install was similar and I refused to take responsibility unless they allowed me to do it properly. I've seen speakers hung with baling wire, nylon rope, jack chain, and even zip cord, using the handles, screw eyes, lag bolts, and once wrapped around the screws holding the corner hardware in place. I wish I could say these were all in the rural areas where there are no inspectors or standards, but at least one was in a major school district. Thankfully that one was actually corrected after i pointed out the poor rigging.


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