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Speaker fell from Gym overhead

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Joseph D. Macry:
I am an A/V tech for a large school district in Texas.
This morning, I got a call from an Elementary school, they said one of their speakers had fallen from ceiling of gym, could I please replace it and BTW get HVAC guys to fix dripping water because it was going right through the speaker.
Arriving, I discovered:
- The speaker was El Cheepo, to be expected when they are procured from bake sales and donations. Not meant to be flown, but rather stuck on a pole.
- The leak was not from HVAC, but likely through the roof from thunderstorm. Must still follow up with that crew.
- It, and it's pair partner, were NOT meant to be rigged. Rigging was two chains around high strut, eyebolts through back of cabinet, backed by... a single nut.
- Water made particle board cabinet fall apart, eyebolts/nuts pulled out of cabinet. Luckily, gym was unoccupied for summer.
- Gym speakers are wired incorrectly into in-wall amp of adjoining Cafetorium to serve as overflow space when airwall is opened.

I can forgive a school getting substandard speakers and expecting someone to hang them up. But this is unforgiveable. Whoever rigged this was before my time at this District, and should NEVER be allowed to rig another anything overhead. Nor did they understand amplifiers. Four pictures below.

Pic 1: The detroyed cabiner after having fallen. Note the disintegrated particle board cabinet.
Pic 2: Back of destroyed cabinet. Arrows show where eyebolts/nuts pulled out of wet particle board. Also note the 70V transformer.
(2 more pics in reply)

Joseph D. Macry:
Two more photos:

1. What passed for "rigging": Two chains around overhead strut (25 ft above floor), with eyebolts backed by a single nut. Also note ugly wiring job. 18awg cable comes in from adjoining Cafetorium amp, then passes on to other speaker.
2. In-wall mixer/amp at the Cafe stage: Two cafetorium speakers are properly connected to 4-ohm direct output. Gym speakers have been connected improperly to 70V output. Other cable from 70V out goes through speaker-to-line transformer to feed Assisted Listening System.

To Do List:
1. Get 25 ft lift.
2. Remove other speaker before it falls.
3. Find a suitable amp to drive replacement speakers (I have a few possibilities in my shop)
4. Upgrade cable.
5. Get structural team to fix leak in roof.
6. Properly rig replacement speakers.

My goodness, fortunately nobody was hurt.  That could have been fatal.

I won't even comment beyond that.

John Roberts {JR}:
But it says "pro"...


Debbie Dunkley:
I wonder how many other death traps the original 'installer' has created.....


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