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JBL BRX300 - Anyone used one yet? If so, how was your experience?

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Toon Janssen:

--- Quote from: Jonathan Goodall on July 28, 2021, 03:34:26 AM ---Have not seen or heard it in person (couldn’t make the demo on the other side of the country) but have been somewhat interested in it (it is also available in New Zealand).
Below is the best review I have found about it.

--- End quote ---

Yeah, we are pretty interested for our small rental business, although have just committed to an SRX800 system starting with 2 of the 828sp and 835p to start off with to provide some larger sound. We'll be demo'ing the BRX system once we are out of lockdown in Sydney so I'm keen to hear them in person. From our pricing it looks like 2 of the BRX300 systems (2 subs and 8 line array tops total) is roughly equal to a mid-sized SRX system of 4x 835p an 4x828sp.

The BRX300 definitely looks very professional and the flexibility in arraying and scaling is phenomenal, just not sold on the price just yet although a lot cheaper than comparable systems from competitors. I feel the form-factor will be the main selling point...


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