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Anyone recommend a micrometer?

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Dave Garoutte:

--- Quote from: Bob Stone on July 14, 2021, 01:30:36 PM ---And is important for communication within any industry that uses it. The guy is trying to buy a tool primarily used by machinists...if he's researching/reading/shopping for it he might as well have the right terminology and an understanding of it so he doesn't get confused.

--- End quote ---
Don't get me wrong about jargon.  I've been a cnc machinist for 40 years and I understand that specific terminology is critical in a lot of situations.
For example, precision and accuracy are not the same thing.

Mike Pyle:
I have a few different models but usually reach for a Starrett 721 digital. It's nice being able to switch from inch to metric with a push button.

Jason Glass:
One of many precision measurement tools that I inherited from my grandfather is a Brown & Sharpe 1-2" mic made in 1895 that is still dead-nuts to .0001 when tested on jo blocks across its range.  Its engravings remain deep, clear, and sharp.  Such amazing quality.

Bob Stone:
Yup, Brown and Sharpe along with Starrett would have been my other recommendations...but for calipers, the Mitutoyo Digimatic is king.


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