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PSW Drummer Wisdom. Blue Plastic Ludwig snare. Keep,part out,toss?

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Douglas R. Allen:
   27 or more years ago when I was starting out there was always some drummer that was breaking his snare head. I picked this up for $10 to have as a spare. Never ended up needing it. Maybe 18 years ago I put it in a box and it's been under my bed until I found it this morning behind some 18 inch sub woofer shipping boxes. I'm guessing it is from a kids Sears/Montgomery Ward kind of plastic drum kits? It is not cracked or damaged and all the hardware is there. The arm on the snare tightener is slightly bent but works fine. Has the inside screw top head felt tighter that works. 
   I'm just not using it. There's a kid at a local music store who seems excited about it. He said he wants the parts to it. Offered me $30 so I'd get some profit out of it. :-) I am flat out busy for a bit so I will check with ebay later next week but before I do is $30 a good price? Should I keep it for a spare? Seems to sound fine. Is it junk and should I just toss it? There is some kids down the street starting a band but I'm sure they would bust it as I've seen them leave their stuff out it the rain before.
   I wasn't sure where to put this so delete / move post as needed.  Please don't laugh at this post but I just thought it had that cool 70's Brady Bunch kind of look to it and didn't really want to toss it but if its junk I'll just bring it to a thrift store and maybe some kid will get some enjoyment out of it.
   Thanks for any advice even if me keeping it this long is laughable!  :-\

Douglas R. Allen

Jim Turner:
That is a Ludwig Vistalite snare.
Its quite desirable to a collector.
Google it, look it up on E-Bay, ask a drummer friend. Its worth some cash.

Mike Caldwell:
That's worth WAY more than $30, closer to $300 plus.

Tim McCulloch:
Ludwig Vistalite.  Usable and collectable.

Tim Weaver:
I'll give you $42 for it.


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