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Alternative to Amazon for Purchasing MP3s

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Corey Scogin:

--- Quote from: Dennis Wiggins on July 10, 2021, 07:37:56 PM ---From Amazon, I purchase the tracks and download the MP3 files to a MS Surface 3.  I've been using AIMP for about 2 years.

--- End quote ---

Similarly, you can download music from iTunes running on your MS Surface and play it on AIMP. No Apple devices required.

Brian Jojade:
Apple/iTunes is still the defacto standard for music downloads.  Probably the widest overall selection available for purchase. As Corey said, you don't need any of their hardware to make the purchase.

There are several smaller sites that have specialized genres or indie artiest, but for your traditional oldies, the selections are limited.

Depending on how often or how much you buy music, the subscription services do represent a value that can't be beat.


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