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Amplifier Specs: Input Sensitivity Question

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Douglas Cyr:
Hello everyone,

Just curious about the meaning of amplifier input sensitivity in general as well as how it applies to a couple examples:

DAS Event 210 -

Input Sensitivity = +18 dBu

RCF HDL 20-A -

Input Sensitivity = +4 dBu

Why do these similar products have such different input sensitivities? Does this spec mean the speakers will be at their maximum output when the input voltage reaches the stated input sensitivity? Does this mean the Event 210A would require a higher input voltage to reach it's maximum output?

Thanks for any info, just curious to learn more about the meaning of this specification.


John Roberts {JR}:
Just off the top of my head, input sensitivity means input level needed for rated power output (IIRC).

If those two amps make similar rated output power at full scale, the different input sensitivity suggests the two amps have different voltage gain.


Bob Faulkner:
The DAS speaker shows it needs 6.2v   The RCF needs (from what I recall) 1.8v  Yes, the input voltage shown would be needed to drive the amps at their rated full power.

Dave Pluke:

--- Quote from: Douglas Cyr on July 06, 2021, 07:35:01 PM ---
Why do these similar products have such different input sensitivities?

--- End quote ---

Differing philosophies related to noise/hiss at idle, I believe. You'll find this in rack mount power amps as well. Neither is right or wrong, but this needs to be considered - especially when running amps from multiple manufacturers.


Douglas Cyr:
So what happens if more voltage is fed to the input than the rated sensitivity? Does this cause input clipping?


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