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SRX 728s

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David Morison:

--- Quote from: Dave Guilford on July 24, 2021, 10:23:31 PM ---They’re loaded up with the incorrect drivers too .. not 2268.  Something with a 1 but I don’t recall — what did the older SR4719 subs have?  And truthfully I bet those are fake Jbl drivers too.

--- End quote ---

2241? Respectable in it's day, but well superseded by not only the 2268 but just about everything newer (that's not a budget offering) these days.

Mike Monte:
post deleted

Luke Geis:
I too am leary of most " new " 728 offerings. There are still some legit ones out there, but there are certainly more counterfeit ones being sold. Some of the sellers are straight up about it and others not so much.

The 800 series in self-powered format is VERY hard to beat. I owned a set of 728's several years ago and they were definitely nice, but despite how low they went and how reasonably loud they were, they also required some taming in the 80hz area and were perhaps too big sounding in many instances. They required some work is all I am saying. I picked up the 818sp's a couple of years ago and it was an instant love affair. They get reasonably loud, are very smooth and even sounding, and I feel they are well priced and well accoutermented to do much more than most in their market segment. I much preferred them to the 728's. They got just about as loud ( close enough in a 1:1 comparison ) and required little or no work to dial in.


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