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Looking for a EAW MX 300i Processor to buy

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Tim McCulloch:

--- Quote from: Tim Hite on June 24, 2021, 01:39:39 PM ---The MX line were factory configured for the relevant system. settings are changed with component boards inside the units. They have a particular setup for a single system configuration.

The only user adjustable setting is for the master limiter, and even that requires opening up the unit to get to.

EAW no longer has the boards or personnel to alter the factory configuration, so if you don't have one setup for your speakers, you are SOL. I have a 300i configured for my my KF300e rig with SB330 subs, but I have SB600e subs. I have fried them more than once when I was clueless about this. It is painfully expensive. I could have easily purchased a new MX3600 for the price of the recones on the 15" RCF drivers.

Get a newer DSP, EAW or otherwise.

--- End quote ---


The MX300 is obsolete and without service support.

For the kind of tinkering with crossover points and drive levels that Joshua wants to do, there are far better devices these days.

Dave Garoutte:
Plus, with a new DSP, if he decides to change or update his system, he'll be ready to go.

Don T. Williams:
+1 to Tim and Dave!

doug johnson2:
Late to the party, so forgive me.  Forget about the MXi processors.  They are dinosaurs and non-longer of decent sound quality.  The good news is, the next/first generation of MX DIGITAL processors were OEMed by Ashley and the published processor setting will transfer directly to the Protea series.  The install version, the 4.24d sell on Ebay for less than 200.00.  You will need a Windows computer, usb serial dongle, and straight through serial cable to set it up.  It also uses phoenix connectors for in and outs but, I've used install version of processors live for years and have never had an issue using them.  Another option is a Biamp Audia Flex, the go for stupid cheap used, you just need to find on with the right i/o configuration.


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