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[RESEARCH] Lightning and staging professionnal on Realizzer 3D for a project


Alexandre Lannoye:
Good evening.

I'm launching this topic because I'm searching for a lightning and staging professionnal on the visualisation software Realizzer 3D for a project I have in mind for quite a lot of time.

I'm actually an owner of what we call a "Fan Contest", which is basically a virtual contest in wwhcih people in a community send songs in order to compete and to win. Fan contests are mainly inspired by the Eurovision Song Contest which is the biggest live event of the world. Here are some extracts of what the ESC is and also some extracts of my song contest :
Eurovision Song Contest :
My fan contest :

I remind that everything's virtual, no real events or stuff. My fan contest is actually going well, however I have a huge project for it : allowing my members to create live performances for their songs just like in the Eurovision Song Contest. Some contests are already doing so with games such as Roblox, here's an overview of how it looks like :

But I would like to do the same on a visualiser such as Realizzer. However, I don't know much about it and especially about lights and stuff. That's why I'm searching for someone who is qualified to help me through this project. I prefer saying already that no salaries or stuff would be given, but for someone who would like to inprove in this domain of live shows lightning, I think it would be a nice opportunity to train with my project for my fan contest.

I'm waiting for answers for people who could be interested (if several people would be interested, I could accept several people, the more we are, the best it goes :D). Idk if in this forum, you can only reply through this topic or if you can send mails or personnal messages but, yeah, I'm hoping someone could be interested ^^


Mac Kerr:

--- Quote from: AlvidAVSC on June 20, 2021, 12:10:04 pm ---Good evening.

I'm launching this topic because I'm searching for a lightning and staging professionnal

--- End quote ---

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