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Personal Device Clamps/ Grips/ Holders recommendations


James Paul:
A request for recommendations, shared experiences, caveats for personal device (cell phones, tablets) clamps for use with mic stand upper, lower, and boom shaft mounting. Thanks in advance.

Brian Bolly:
1 vote for a K&M 19740 for an iPad (or probably most tablets). 

My iPad is in a Survivor case, so it's not limited to the device itself.  I currently use it side-armed off a Manfrotto Magic arm on my desk (and at times next to a console), and for playing gigs it moves on a hi-hat stand side-arm duty for set lists, charts & click.  The clamp is large enough for mic stand upper and lower, but strapped with a tablet it would likely be too heavy for a boom arm mounting.

The grip for the tablet is spring loaded, and there is a small latch at the top (or side, if mounted in portrait mode).  As long as you pay attention to the position of the latch and don't try to yank out the tablet when the latch is engaged it's fine.


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