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Non-music related router question/advice

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Debbie Dunkley:

--- Quote from: Thomas Le on June 21, 2021, 12:56:50 PM ---Debbie, are you referring to the UAP AC M in your first post? In standalone mode with a "dumb router" as the DHCP server, it works well for wireless mixing.

I'll be the guy here to say that I got a overkill ubiquiti setup at home with a UAP AC LR and the nanoHD on opposite sides of the house. On the router side, I recently upgraded from the ER-X to the ER-X SFP mainly because it has passive POE for the AC LR. Controller is running on a CKg2.

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OK.... that's too tech for me..
My answer would be... "Maybe", "Possibly"," Absolutely" and "Totally".. but not necessarily in that order.

Debbie Dunkley:

--- Quote from: Dave Pluke on June 21, 2021, 10:34:14 AM ---Absolutely!  This is the one I purchased:


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Thanks Dave!

Russell Ault:

--- Quote from: Debbie Dunkley on June 20, 2021, 06:25:16 PM --- I mentioned it in my original post ... I would prefer that to be a factor.

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Ah, sorry I missed that!

My understanding is that none of the consumer-oriented brands have a particularly good track-record when it comes to security, and there are plenty of horror stories to go around. One of the biggest security holes isn't about what's on the router, but rather how likely bugs (which are literally inevitable) are to be repaired. Another has to do with whether they can be reconfigured over the Internet (which, from a security standpoint, is basically always a bad thing).

It's the "router" part of wireless router that presents both the greatest variation between devices and also the greatest risks (security of the "wireless" part is pretty well standards-based, just make sure to turn off "Wi-Fi Protected Setup"). The router is typically the only device you'll own that is connected directly to the Internet, so it must be able to protect itself on its own from the constant barrage of criminals and script kiddies trying to compromise it. Moreover, because all your Internet traffic (and a good portion of your internal network traffic) passes through your router, a compromised router in the worst case can mean complete, unfettered access to all your data.

Unfortunately, to my knowledge, "ease of configuration" and "secure" are typically mutually-exclusive in the realm of wireless routers (at least for brands I've ever heard of). For example, most of the ones that can be setup using an app do so through a cloud service, which means that the device is configurable from the Internet by default. For me, this would also rule out any device that needs an Internet connection to function.

As for recommendations, even Ubiquiti has taken a bit of a fall lately. It seems like the quality control on their firmware has started getting sloppy, and their UniFi line now has a difficult-to-disable phone-home feature. Like Thomas, I'm still happy using Ubiquiti's EdgeRouter products (which are routers only; they don't have wireless built-in), but those are only slightly easier to setup than building your own router with a pile of transistors and a soldering iron.


dave briar:

--- Quote from: Russell Ault on June 21, 2021, 02:40:57 PM ---…but those are only slightly easier to setup than building your own router with a pile of transistors and a soldering iron.

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Quote of the day!

Debbie Dunkley:
So I took advantage of a Prime Day deal on a router.
I chose the TP Link Deco because it is a whole home mesh system for up to 5500sq ft.
It was stupid easy to install on my phone and it meant I could lose my extender by placing the other 2 TP routers in the rooms farthest from the main router - no need to choose which one is connected- it is a seamless transition.
Not only is the connection in each room excellent, my wireless speed went up another 100 MBPS from 135 to 235.
The phone app is really nice...I can see what devices are connected at any time and the KBPS - also download/upload speeds. I can prioritize online activity and and get notifications of any connected devices so I can block a device from accessing the network .... all kinds of cool stuff I never had before.
2 year warranty with 3 years free 24/7 support.
 It also has anti-virus programs built in. The only down side is that I thought it had WPA3 but it doesn't - my bad. However, I'll keep it at the price I got it for because it is pretty darn good anyway...
Thanks everyone!!!


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