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And they're back.....

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Mark Scrivener:

--- Quote from: Mike Monte on June 17, 2021, 07:20:27 AM ---You sound a bit like me when I was 22 through 30 years old; 40 (yes forty) private students per week, gigging most every weekend..... but I was also a full-time public school music teacher....

Back then (in the 80's) there was no direct deposit of my school pay so the joke in my school was that the secretary always had to remind me to pick up my check.....I paid my expenses from my lessons/gigging, thus all of my school pay went into savings...
I was rolling in $ (although I was busy) at that was an excellent musicians' life. 

btw: The music/gigging back then (in my area: Boston/Cape Cod) was swing, jazz, dixieland, horn bands, stuff to play (except for ballroom zzzzzzz).

--- End quote ---

wow! 40 private students plus full-time public school music! Yikes! Yeah, one would def have to be in their 20's or early 30's for that. I'm mid/late 50's.....about 30 private students (mostly 1 hour per week), but I make a short drive to one of the highest priced zip codes in the country and teach in home lessons, so the rate is absurd compared to what I could get anywhere else. Teaching pays the bills and the rest is to keep me entertained and challenged.


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