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Spray-in insulation and acoustic absorption

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Rick Earl:

--- Quote from: John Hiemburg on June 14, 2021, 06:39:42 PM ---Afternoon,

I've spent some time searching, and either this information is hard to find or I'm failing in my search.

We're building a metal building (16,000sf) to house a new sanctuary on the current church campus. Metal pre-fab. It will be exposed ceilings. The metal building mfgr recommends spray-in expanding foam insulation for its insulating properties, but I can't find any information on sound absorption for any of the available products.

I *can* find info regarding spray-in foam and sound *transmission*. In other words, there is a healthy amount of discussion about whether it is useful to stop sound from getting between rooms. This is not my concern. I just need to find some kind of data regarding absorption - I can pass that along to the acoustical consultant to design the proper amount of absorption for our room.

Am I missing a magical search term? Does anyone have any experience with this? Any other concerns or 'gotchas' with this kind of insulation that you've experienced?

Thank you!

--- End quote ---

Usually I am looking for Coefficient of Absorption when looking at acoustical properties of materials.  It should give you data across different frequencies.   On issue I have had dealing with polyurethane foams is they are different, so there is no one source. I know one manufacturer had some data a few years ago, but I cannot find it.  Even from the same manufacturer, we had choices of closed or open cell, slow or fast cure.  We went with an unknown product (no my choice) we knew it was going to be covered so we decided not to worry about it for the rest of the design.  It did reduce outside noise quite a bit, I had only wished I had thought of doing before and after RT-60 measurements. 

EDIT:  Here is the article I started with - still had it bookmarked, but could not find the other related information:


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