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Lighter weight sub?

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Greg Harwood:

--- Quote from: Douglas R. Allen on July 18, 2021, 10:01:12 PM ---   This is interesting to me. I have the LS801pb's that for some reason my back is giving me grief about them... Did you have a chance to measure them with Smaart or similar? I've had the LS800's as well. Do the 212's kick as hard? That is one thing I can't seem to find in/around the LS801pb's price range but in a smaller/lighter package. Do you feel they hold up well when pushed. I've always felt the LS's are fine the few times I've had them starting to flash their clip lights.

   Thanks for any information;
   Douglas R. Allen

As a side note a friend of mine has the Orbit Shifter and the spec's and output was to the speakers factory spec sheet when measured with smaart.  ;)

--- End quote ---

Hi, Douglas.  I never compared the LS801P to the 212Pro with Smaart as I don't have access to that.  Jeff has a link to the data-base review on his website that has some really good information regarding the 212Pro (keep in mind that the output was taken at 2 meters instead of 1 meter).  I had the LS801P for several years combining them with my DSR112 tops strictly used for live band work so I was fairly familiar with their sound and capabilities.  When I began using the 212Pro with the DSR112, I felt like the subs were pretty close to having similar output as the LS801P.  Maybe not a true 1:1, but close enough for the benefits.  The sound profile is different between the two subs, with the 212Pro sounding better (to me).....tighter, cleaner (if that makes sense).  The LS801P definitely has lots of presence to its thump where the 212Pro is tighter with maybe less distortion when things get loud (though not measured).  At 71lbs, by back thanks me.  Even though the LS801P has wheels, you have to stoop a bit to roll them around which can strain the back a bit (I bet the newer ES18P would be easier to manage since it's taller).  I typically put 2 212Pros on a roller cart and have no issues moving them around.  The 212Pro size is great too.  If you stack 2 of them together, the overall footprint is about like the 4 subs (2 per side) would take up about the same floor space, yet provide more bass output.  Since the 212pro is not as tall, they go great in front of stages if you like to center cluster your subs.

I wish I had more time with both subs for comparison, but I sold my 801P's and had to give them up after only a short comparison.  I can tell you for sure that I like the 212Pro subs better....easier to move around, sound great, and a lot of output for the size.  I'd say they are about 90%-95% of the LS801P 1:1, but can't back that up with data.  I'm not sure if this was helpful, but I have nothing but high praise for the 212pro.

I read a quote from Jeff in one of the 212Pro review threads (I believe on this board) where Jeff states that the 212Pro keeps up with the Orbit Shifter from 60hz up....or something along those lines.  It really is a powerful little sub.

George Friedman-Jimenez:
Has anyone used or auditioned the BassBoss BB15? Wondering how it compares with the JTR 212Pro.

Robert Lunceford:

--- Quote from: Dan Godwin on June 14, 2021, 12:45:58 PM ---After two gigs this weekend that required 17+ stairs, Iím considering some lighter subs.  Iím not as young as I used to be and Iím definitely feeling it in my back.  Iíve been using 2 Yorkville LS701p which weigh in at a measly 95lbs.  Any recommendations?  Should I just hire some strapping young lads to do the grunt work?  Thanks!

--- End quote ---

K-Array KMT18 18" Active Subwoofer
35-150Hz (-6db)
133db peak
59 lbs
18.5" X 19" X 24"

Pictured are a pair of 18" K-Array subs below a Danley SM80

Doug Fowler:

--- Quote from: George Friedman-Jimenez on July 19, 2021, 03:27:54 PM ---Has anyone used or auditioned the BassBoss BB15? Wondering how it compares with the JTR 212Pro.

--- End quote ---

2nd for looking at this model.

Mal Brown:
I vote for strapping young lads  ;-)


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