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Lighter weight sub?

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Paul G. OBrien:

--- Quote from: Chris Grimshaw on June 16, 2021, 01:38:56 PM ---Bandpass designs can sound as good (or bad!) as any other.
--- End quote ---

Yes of course, it's all about driver selection and how well the box design works with them. I have seen both sides of the coin with bandpass subs and it has left me with a preference for boxes with larger drivers. The worst examples I have heard were those with 8" and 10" drivers so I'm automatically skeptical of any box so equipped, but I'm also open minded enough to know that a good sounding sub could be designed with this size drivers.

Dan Godwin:

--- Quote from: Steve-White on June 16, 2021, 02:10:12 PM ---This +1.  They pay for stairs.  (period)

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I told the band that I usually charge extra for stairs.  Part of this is on me because I accepted the gigs last minute and they were at venues I haven't previously worked at and didn't have time to advance.  The LS701P handle placement makes them front-heavy and not ideal for a 2 person carry.  They do meet my needs currently, however, so I'll keep them in the inventory for now.  Thanks everyone for the lively discussion. 

^^^ Everybody gets or has gotten caught on stairs - that goes with the territory.  :)

Tim McCulloch:

--- Quote from: Steve-White on June 17, 2021, 11:58:44 PM ---^^^ Everybody gets or has gotten caught on stairs - that goes with the territory.  :)

--- End quote ---

One of the questions I ask about a venue - is it ADA compliant/handicapped accessible?  If the answer is anything other than "yes", I add additional fees to the estimate to cover additional labor.  I try to advance local-ish venues in person (at least a drive-by) and if it turns out the venue doesn't have stairs, narrow doors or other obstructions, I'll not send extra help and remove the fees from the invoice.

A local hotel's ballroom had a 4-step-down access to floor level, or one had to load in through the front doors (which they really didn't like).  While 4 steps doesn't seem like a lot, moving a box truck full of gear through a pedestrian door with steps got old, fast.  IIRC I added $250 for additional labor.  The door was too narrow for our ramp, or I'd have not charged extra.  They remodeled a few years back and put in new freight doors, matched level with the interior and exterior, and it's a much, much nicer place to work.  The "Drury Fee" is still in the estimate data base but no longer used.

Steve Litcher:
Venue quirks and bad designs aside, JTR's Captivator C212PRO sub weighs in at around 65-lbs and does a great job for nearly everything except for maybe EDM music. It'll go down to 39Hz +/-3dB and gets plenty loud. Our standard "bar room/small ballroom" rig was 2x C212PRO + 1 DSR per side, and 9x out of 10, I only needed 1x C212PRO per side. They hit harder than their weight class should.


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