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Source for affordable amp racks?

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--- Quote from: Brian Bolly on June 13, 2021, 02:15:55 PM ---There's a company that bought all of Indy Case Company's tooling, the old ICC shop foreman works there, and they build the same exact cases - Streamline Cases . 
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Thanks Brian, I've reached out to Paul and hopefully can get something similar to what we have.

Brian Jojade:

--- Quote from: Erik Jerde on June 13, 2021, 06:02:47 PM ---Thatís an important point to keep in mind.  Yearly price increases are coming quarterly (or faster) for some mfgrs now.  That 2x price from anvil might not be as outrageous as it initially seems, especially if youíre comparing to prices from a few years ago.

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Yep.  Inflation in certain products is INSANE right now.  If there's plywood in the case, realize that in just the last year, the cost of that material is up around 300%, and they appear to continue to rise.

Custom built anything is going to cost a LOT more than it did just a few years ago.  All you can do is plan for that in your budgets.

Brian Adams:
That's a bummer that Indy Case is no more. I have a couple of their racks and workboxes and they're amazing. They were good people too, I hope they're off to bigger and better things.

I'm curious to see how your conversation with Streamline goes. Keep us posted!

Ned Ward:

--- Quote from: Dave Garoutte on June 13, 2021, 03:33:19 PM ---+1
I've had a couple of custom cases fabricated by Joe.

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They also did a road trunk for me and it was perfect for trade shows shipping everything by UPS/DHL freight (vs. the team shipping in cardboard boxes that disappear...) Joe was easy to work with.

Steve Litcher:
I just received a new case from Higbee Cases for my CTi1500 dLive console, and holy cats is it built like a tank. I believe Shane (owner of Higbee) builds any type of rack/case you might be interested in - it might be worth giving him  a call as well. He's super easy to work with, shipped incredibly fast, and pricing was in line with everything else I was getting quotes for. The quality appears to be top notch (baltic birch wood throughout).


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