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Need help on the A & H Forum website

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Debbie Dunkley:
Anyone on the Allen & Heath forum willing to help me out?

I was informed of a password breach yesterday through Safari so I diligently went through and removed all the password info in the chain that could cause me a problem. I then tried to log into the Allen & Heath Forum today using the password I wrote down but it is kicking me out assuming I am a spammer. When I answer the question to prove I am a human and request access, it kicks me off again and has me start all over again - viscous cycle....

I need someone to go in to the forum and somehow contact one of the admins to get some help for me...... thankyou!!

Bob Stone:
Did you try a different browser and/or fully clear your cache/cookies?

Debbie Dunkley:

--- Quote from: Bob Stone on June 07, 2021, 01:15:02 PM ---Did you try a different browser and/or fully clear your cache/cookies?

--- End quote ---

Yes and still going round in circles....

dave briar:
Debbie.  I just logged in with my old (stored by Safari) credentials and all went well.

Andrew Broughton:
That's the worst forum in the world, second only to Facebook.

There's no "contact us" button to reach any admins, and that's necessary way too often when the forum doesn't work or you can't get logged in.
If you make a post and their software crashes (50% of the time), when you try to enter the message again, it blocks you thinking your a spammer.

If I hadn't already had a dLive before I saw this forum, it probably would have turned me off enough to look elsewhere.


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