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Author Topic: ALTO Professional Replacement Parts Quality keep showing up Dead on Arrival  (Read 437 times)

Peter Bruley

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I am having trouble with Alto and the Quality Control of their replacement parts.
I have had 3 parts (p/n HK19134) delivered to me and all 3 have been Dead on Arrival.
Has anyone else experienced quality control issues with brand new replacement parts from Alto?

------Here are the details--------
I have a couple of Alto Professional TS208
I use them for vocal monitors during live shows for a classic rock cover band and for keyboard monitors in my home studio.

I do like them they have low noise/hum when nothing is sent to them (no fan either) They are light weight, small and powerful. Have serviced me well for 2-3 years.
Recently I had a failure on one of the speakers, the tweeter was not working. At first I thought it was a failed tweeter but after moving the tweeter to a working speaker it worked so not the tweeter. I then went after the mixer board module but this too worked fine on the good speaker so not the mixer board. I then swapped the amp module and found the issue. Looks like the power amp modules have two(2) channels one for woofer and one for tweeter. Turns out my tweeter channel on the power module had failed.

These are class D amps and I was able to buy a replacement amp module from "In Music" ( the official Alto Professional replacement part supplier.
p/n HK19134 PCB, Power Amplifier Assembly. This is the part they have sent me 3 times and 3 times it has been dead on arrival.


Dave Garoutte

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Mac Kerr

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I am having trouble with Alto

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