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sound guy playing with video

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Buddy Brock:
OK. I need to send an av signal from my sanctuary to another building (close by) for nursery feeds. I currently have an xlr feeding a 70 volt speaker system there (well, did have until it recently got whacked by lightning). We are trying to move into offering audio and video in those rooms and plan to put a camera in the sanctuary as well. We haven't moved on a video setup yet, but will when I can get the proper info. What's the best way to do this? What cable is the best for this feed? I am looking to go into the rca's of the little tv's that are in the rooms already and send the audio there too. Fill in this sound guy on proper video technic please! Thanks.

Aaron McQueen:
I'm pretty sure I will get toasted for suggesting this, but this I how I would run a video feed to the nursery.  It's inexpensive and can be split so you can't help but try this.  Run the RCA video feed into a VCR or DVD recorder (you can record the service at the same time if you like).  Also run the audio from the sound board to RCA on your VCR.  Use the coax cable (f-connector) output of your VCR and run it to the nursery using standard coax cable from Home Depot or wherever.  You can split this using a splitter.  You may need an amplifier after the vcr, but maybe not.  A preview monitor at the camera would also be nice.  This is a very economical solution and can work well for distributing to small tv's.  Don't do this for projected video.  The resolution of the image is fine for tv, but will be terrible on a projector.

Aaron's suggested method is EXACTLY how we run video to the nursery. Our building already had coax routed throughout all the rooms so Video camera to VCR, sound from an Aux send from the mixer so it has (can have) its own mix to the VCR, coax out of the VCR sent to the TV located in the nursery. Every once in awhile I stop in the nursery and am actually quited amazed on how well this works.

We also record a tape in the VCR for anyone that wants a video of the service (soon to be recorded to DVD instead).

No flames since this works well and is a low cost solution.

Ray Cyr:
Wow, what wonderful ideas, even a newbie like me can probably set this up. This may be a silly question, but, to maintain a workable signal to the vcr because of the difference of the sound level between the worship team and the pastors sermon, would it be better to set the aux send on the individual instrument and vocal channels a bit low and the pastors channel a bit high and/or send the entire signal from the aux out through the compressor and then to the vcr?  

See the AV sound thread that is in parallel and active right now. Our Aux sends vary just as you state. Pastor's channel aux send is higher and for the sermon we also increase the master Aux send.


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