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Sennheiser E609 BLACKFACE microphones for sale.


bruce gering:
Up for sale are 3 of the ORIGINAL BLACKFACE Sennheiser E-609 microphones. Price is $150 per. These ARE NOT THE E609 SILVER! This mic has been discontinued long can't buy them new anymore. These mics are designed for Mic'ing up anything but really excel on guitar cabs, due to the smooth response in the high frequency end. Of course, if you have to know more about this mic, there is plenty of information on sound forums and such. These are highly sought after as they have been discontinued in favor of the E609 Silver, which is not nearly as good sounding. They were modeled after the classic MD409, which sells for around $450.00 used and are VERY hard to find. Price is firm and the PRICE IS FOR 1 ONLY..


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